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WfC Book I- Prologue (normal text)
A series of writings surrounding the events which took place on the 13th day in the month of Darien, 10001, in the kingdom of Kenthstrom:
10 Darien, 10001
It has now been almost a month since the disappearance of my beloved son Neomir. Ever since he left, I feel as if a hole has opened up inside me, one that I cannot close. My only wish for him is to find out what happened, why he departed so untimely, and, if he is still alive, find a way to bring him back and repair the wall that has been built between us.
In a few days time my daughter Azra will be returning from her studies in the kingdom of Paradisaea, far across the sea. I will be holding a grand celebration in honor of her return; the way she has grown and prospered over the past years has brought nothing but joy to my heart. In her letters she says that she is delighted to finally see us again, but how am I ever to tell her about her brother? She loves him dearly, and to tell her of his departure will not only be hard for me
:iconeagleflyte:EagleFlyte 2 0
WfC Book I- Prologue by EagleFlyte WfC Book I- Prologue :iconeagleflyte:EagleFlyte 1 2
The War for Cyrin: Eternity
In the beginning was Capellion.
He is often called Cape’n in the present time, but it must be understood that He is a being that no name is sufficient to describe. He is All Names Holy, as the common translation of this ancient term goes.
Cape’n existed alone, but there came a time where He decided to create a world to call His own. He separated the world from the void, and brought into it infinite kinds of shapes and wonders. Upon this world, green things grew, and creatures of every kind roamed the world, flew in its air and swam in its waters. Cape’n called this world Cyrín, meaning, My Own.
The last creatures Cape’n introduced to the world of Cyrín were his most treasured: Cyapela, My People. Each one of the People had a name, each name treasured by Cape’n. From the People came all sentient creatures with gifts of speech and empathy.
Now before Cape’n created Cyrín, He created for Himself divine, celestial beings meant to glorif
:iconeagleflyte:EagleFlyte 3 7
F---ing Empidonax by EagleFlyte F---ing Empidonax :iconeagleflyte:EagleFlyte 5 0 MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT by EagleFlyte MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT :iconeagleflyte:EagleFlyte 6 9 Precious Lil' Piper by EagleFlyte Precious Lil' Piper :iconeagleflyte:EagleFlyte 20 4 Swordbird: Wind-voice vs. Maldeor by EagleFlyte Swordbird: Wind-voice vs. Maldeor :iconeagleflyte:EagleFlyte 4 5 Swordbird: Yin Soul by EagleFlyte Swordbird: Yin Soul :iconeagleflyte:EagleFlyte 8 5 Taking Flight by EagleFlyte Taking Flight :iconeagleflyte:EagleFlyte 1 0 Come Away, O Human Child by EagleFlyte Come Away, O Human Child :iconeagleflyte:EagleFlyte 2 0 Sanctuary by EagleFlyte Sanctuary :iconeagleflyte:EagleFlyte 0 0 Guarding the Nest by EagleFlyte Guarding the Nest :iconeagleflyte:EagleFlyte 1 0 Yay Conservation!! by EagleFlyte Yay Conservation!! :iconeagleflyte:EagleFlyte 1 0 Halloween 2016: Blue Jay by EagleFlyte Halloween 2016: Blue Jay :iconeagleflyte:EagleFlyte 1 0 Blue Jay Charm by EagleFlyte Blue Jay Charm :iconeagleflyte:EagleFlyte 3 0 Hockey Monsters: O Majestic Beast by EagleFlyte Hockey Monsters: O Majestic Beast :iconeagleflyte:EagleFlyte 3 1
Constructive criticism is welcomed!! Feel free to give it in the comments!!

Random Favourites

I generally save this folder for the best art I find, including pieces I like from friends. There's a lot of great artists out there who definitely deserve to be recognized. Keep up the good work, everyone!


The use of cool-tone colors in this piece is excellent. They are well-balanced, between the greens of the leaves and distant pine trees...

I love the use of color in this photo. Though the background is solid, the colors on the hummingbird and the branch make up for it. The...

This is overall a great photo! The balance of color here was captured very well: the yellows, blacks, white/off-whites, and browns of t...



So in case you haven't seen it yet, THIS THING popped up recently:


That's right. The world of Cyrin is waking from its slumber, and both new art and new literature will be on the way.

Exactly when, I cannot say for sure. As far as the literature goes, I would like to hopefully have one chapter per week once it launches, but depending on how grad school goes, I can't make any guarantees.

Please read the full artist's description for details.

Thanks again for all your support, and hopefully I'll be back soon with more.


E. Flyte

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How bout you?
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